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all seasons in one day 21 °C

Hola chicos y chicas!

it`s me again. writing my 3rd entry.

yesterday, Tuesday was my second day here in Ecuador. Since Monday afternoon I am staying with some guys doing couchsurfing. they are great. actually, i spend most of the time with their ecuadorian girlfriends. yesterday I met up with them in the center of the town. one of them sells clothes and the other one has her own publishing firm. they are very proud of their country and as I am eager to find out about it they decided to take a couple of days off and show me around.

we went to a lot of churches, Quito has one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen... seriously... full of gold. everything is gold. crazy.

then we went into the presidents palace. it has only recently been opened for the public so even they haven't seen it. it was so funny with the 2 girls. they were so keen to always take pictures of me and them and us everywhere and anywhere... with or without flash... even when not allowed. we also talked a lot about the political and employment situation in ecuador. it made me realize how privileged we are.

and my Spanish improved dramatically... from 0 to 100 in 2 days... but I had no choice if I want to talk to them... ;-)

after that it started raining (not just rain but thunderstorm as it does every afternoon here...) and we went back to the house and they cooked me a feast while the guys cooked some Nigerian food. I love the Ecuadorian food though, it is very tasty and reminds me a lot of german food...hahaha...

we had some wine and danced.... lots of fun...;-) I should really work out how to put the pictures up soon...

today I was very tired and we watched the football and Germany lost. I was so annoyed and sad. especially because they all came out to support Germany. It was so sweet of them. we went to an Irish Bar in the middle of Quito with lots of Germans there and me with my new Ecuadorian and Nigerian friends.... crazy global world we live in... ;-)

now some of the guys went clubbing but I am too tired and tomorrow I will also start on my trip with "Be the Change" to the rainforest so I need to have a proper rest....

hope you`re all well guys... keep in touch!


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Ecuador here I am!

all seasons in one day 19 °C

Hi everyone,

this is my first blog entry from abroad. from quito, Ecuador.
I arrived here late last night after 24 hours travel from London via Houston, Texas. Houston, Texas was very funny...I met some really nice girls on the plane and got to my hostel. it was a really great hostel, only stayed there for one night as I'm couchsurfing now. with some locals from Ecuador and from Nigeria. the two girls from Ecuador are really lovely, for the last 5 hours we shared lots of laughter and they gave me a lot of information about what to do in Ecuador etc.
when they realized that I am travelling on my own until Thursday they spontaneously decided to take me around Quito tomorrow. One of the girl owns a shop and the other one is a publisher. Their hospitality is amazing. they just stop working for a day or two to show me around.... if only i was that easy back home... ;-)

I love my trip already and all my worries dispersed....

hope you're well and keep in touch!!!!!!

hasta luego,


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